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The Word "UNIO"

The "UNIO" word has the meaning that "You (U) and (N) I (I) will get an Opportunity (O)".

The word "Communion" also has a piece of UNIO word. We hope that UNIO could establish

a GREAT education community. was created in 2021 under PT UNIO INDONESIA MAJU. We provide unparalleled university search and admission services, especially for those who want to take a study abroad activity. We are always eager to provide you with reliable sources and 100% trusted partners. will help millions of students find and enroll in the right university major. For university and other education partners,’s platform, data, and services will help thousands of universities recruit and enroll more students.


In the future, our dream is to make YOU and many students from everywhere change this world to become better and better through education. So, our commitment is always to improve to deliver the BEST EXPERIENCE to you and extend our services to all continents.


"This only just a beginning of our GREAT journey"

Reach Us


JL LETJEN S.PARMAN KAV 22 - 24, Kel. Palmerah, Kec. Pal Merah, Jakarta Barat 11480

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