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Finding the right school or major of study should not be hard. Start your search in UNIO, discover and connect with the best one for you.


For Students & Parents


"You are what you search
and your search could change your future."

We give you an "all in one" search platform that gives you the best experiences you have ever had!

Browsing a Book

We provide almost everything for you, so don't worry!  just focus on your search and find what you need!

Chldren's Library

Don't think your search is the right one? Rest assured, we can match your profile with the right one through our match test.


We always want you to come back. So we provide you with reliable partners.

Find The RIGHT one

ULTIMATE Search Engine

100% Trusted Partners

For Colleges & Partners

Join with helps colleges and educational partners reach millions of prospective students every year.

Praying Together

Potential Community

Over 45.000 Indonesian students are taking study abroad. With, we can reach this market together!

Analyzing the Markets

Extend the exposure with us. Exposure creates traffic. More traffic means more possibilities and opportunities.

Walking and Talking

Let's become partner to get easily featured in our search engine and create more opportunities.

Extend the Possibilities

Partner = More benefits

Contact Us

GRAND SLIPI TOWER LOBBY UNIT L JL LETJEN S.PARMAN KAV 22 - 24, Kel. Palmerah, Kec. Pal Merah, Kota Adm. Jakarta Barat, Prov. DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta, 11480, ID

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