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The Found of UNIO

UNIO is founded by a group of forward-thinkers and education enthusiasts under PT. UNIO Indonesia Maju in late 2020. UNIO focuses on areas such as education, economy, and humanity. Therefore, creating a foster care project management is the first step for UNIO to start the journey.


Start from a non-profit community

It all started in 2007, some of the founders of UNIO joined a community project for foster children for school and college education, and until now it is still running and there have been approximately 7000 childrens who are members of this community, some of them have even graduated and have a more decent economic life than before.


In 2023, UNIO wants to conduct many fields of foster projects. In the future, there will be many interesting genres for foster projects that we will work on and of course, it can be used by everyone, especially by those who want to spread kindness and joy by helping others in various fields of their interest.

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