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What We Offer

Image by Luana Azevedo

In UNIO, we will introduce you to a Foster Project Management, where we can define anything we want to achieve that was previously out of reach. What project do you want to do? Fundraising? Building a house for worship? All can be done together without having to meet face to face and most IMPORTANTLY reaching out to all regions including OUTSIDE Indonesia!

Why Choosing


System Oriented

We're doing our Foster Project Management with our dedicated system. So, most of the things will do and happen at the system


100% Transparency

UNIO is supported by trusted tenants and has high credibility, so leave your worries about things that will arise in the future related to donations. Of course, it is also supported by a variety of information that is appropriate for our donors and also your privacies will be well guarded by us.


Flexible Fund-Raise Management

You can choose to donate as a Commit or Non Commit donation. It is all up to your kindness and preferences.


Meet our Experienced Team

Finding hard on the system? Don't worry, our team is dedicated to helping you to solving your problem. Don't hesitate to reach our Social Media.

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